Friday Nostalgia


Kathy said...

Thank you!!! I had such a crush on Don Henley (even during this unfortunate hair period). Played this song, "Last Worthless Evening" and "Heart of the Matter" over & over. And for those nights when feeling a little depressed/wondering if I would ever meet someone, would throw in a little Eagles "Wasted Time" and some Dan Fogelberg.

Collin said...

Although it's a bit schmaltzy, this was the last song by Don I actually liked. Nothing will ever top his work with the Eagles or "Boys of Summer," which still gives me chills all these years later.

Jennifer said...

I think Linda Ronstadt used to do it with him.

Rupert said...

Boys of Summer, yes! Such a treat every so often, esp Sept. Chills, yes . . . and that lead-out - classic.
and what was that Mojo Nixon tune - "Don Henley must die . . . don't let him get back with Glen Frey . . "

Pris said...

I followed the bread crumbs here from Collin's blog and this is one of my fav Henley songs, too..this and 'Last Worthless Evening'. Nostalgia Day is a great idea. Thanks!

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