See Jane

My Georgia and I went to see Georgia Rule this weekend. My expectations for the film were extremely low, but I have to say it was sweet. As we were leaving the theatre, George said, "Jane's pretty hot." This from a girl who's never seen Barbarella.


Think said...

Barbarella has one loooooonnngg trailer.

Tania Rochelle said...

Gosh Garey, you pop in after--what, months?--and this is the best you can do?!

Rupert said...

I was at a friend's condo a few months ago over by the Carter Ctr and as I was leaving I said, "Doesn't Jane Fonda live in this building?"
They laughed, "Yeah. But nobody ever sees her."
So I go downstairs and there she is in a red dress waiting for a stretch limo that was just pulling up.
I controlled myself. I gave a little silent, "Hi" with a wave, and was rewarded with the same.
She kinda looks like she's been dipped in tan-gel or something - but that layered, frosty hair is just too much . . . as in perfect . . .

Collin said...

I used to see Jane every week when she lived in my building. I always found her to be quite pleasant and her little gay assistant was fun, too.

Tania Rochelle said...

Collin! You never told me Jane lived in your building! Damn!

Collin said...

I thought I'd told everybody. It was years ago when I lived at the Cotton Mill Lofts. She lived there for about a year or so while her place over near the Carter Center was being finished. She was just Jane to us.

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