Let's Hear It For Mom

I know you're wondering what I did THIS time--to reaffirm my position in the hierarchy of motherhood. Could it have been the fact that we found this in a pile of papers on our dresser TODAY?

Or maybe because poor little Lo had to do the whole project in about an hour tonight, once we'd found a shoe box and hit Michael's for supplies?

Was it because neither her father nor I knew jaxit about komodo dragons (or that she'd been studying them "over the past several weeks") and had to do some quick research on which to base our heated argument over how pointy to make the nose?

Naw. More likely, it's the fact that I let Lo showcase graphically the feeding habits of these giant reptiles.

I'll look forward to a call from school tomorrow.


Howard said...

Today we were presenting some concepts to the client and, naturally, we presented them in the form of a diarama. Because you know, it's all diaramas nowadays. I'm so glad they still teach that ever-so-valuable skill to kids.

I'd say in the order of importance it goes something like this:

1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Diaramas
4. Math

debbie millman said...

I think it is rather beautiful.

Tania Rochelle said...

In that case, I might sign her up for diorama summer camp, Howard.

Thanks Debbie!


it's looks as good as or better than some of the environmental design projects at PC...and I don't think there is anything wrong with showing the dark side of nature. Good work!

minus five said...

was jack deemed "too old" or "too big" to play the part of the deer killed by the komodo turd this time?

Tania Rochelle said...

Did you hear what she called your sculpture, Biggy?

Collin said...

That's brilliant. I love how the other deer is looking away. lol

biggy said...

I have no problem with that. It was not one of my better pieces. Clay is not my medium of choice.

Rupert said...

but wait, I thought it was Lo's project . . . heh-heh, just went thru the same thing w Jasmine re science project at the last minute -

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