Driving n Crying

Radio spots are generally so lame, it's almost dangerous for me to drive while listening to them (I know you're raising the bar, Howard). Most of the time, they're grammatically incorrect, adding insult to injury. Jewelry commercials are the worst offenders. (Tom Shane is NOT my friend.) Those should be illegal, because they require three eyerolls and both hands in the air, an accident waiting to happen.

But I really liked "Put some Lance in your pants." It tickled me. It put a little smile on my face. And now they've gone and changed campaigns, offering "Six little crackers for on-the-go-snackers."

I hate that word--snackers.


Howard said...

I've already had to give the "I frikkin' hate radio" speech here. It's always a little shocking when I say it and people kinda freak out like "but you write them!" No I don't. I write good ads that die in the process. Client's write the crap you hear.

Usually I just say, "ok, when's the last time you really enjoyed a radio ad?" and people come around and realize they probably change the channel like everyone else. Because no one wants to listen to made up client-speak words, bullet points, whacky sound effects and bad jingles.

Or Tom Shane.

Boring people to death has never sold anything.

mamoo said...

tania, this blog was written in the same tone as andy rooney on 60 minutes. am i right?

Kathy said...

What was the "put some Lance in your pants" ad selling? I haven't heard that one.

Tania Rochelle said...

Lance crackers.

biggy said...

It was also the line he used to pick up Sheryl Crow.

ads. said...

I thought it meant that, now that he's done racing, he's putting himself out to stud. ...it works for horses!

Tania Rochelle said...

Hey, Ads. is back! I've missed you.

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