Dear Georgia, Here's What You Missed Sunday:

This was slap in the middle of the day, when you were feeling homesick and worried about how the world back here might be changing without you...

Lola napping. She has a little case of Strep.

Jack waking from a nap. He has a little case of Teen.

Pepa hunting crickets.

Roxy admiring himself in the mirror.

Rusty snacking. Blocking Tebow from snacking.

Laverne checking to see if I gave the guinea pigs snacks.

Fay and Daisy guarding the stairs until Biggy gets back from riding his bike.

Stella guarding the couch.

Timmy guarding his rock.

Me, just back from the Y, guarding my bra fat.


ButtonHole said...

Uh, Tania, why do you still have your Christmas tree up?

You business! I'm just askin!

Collin said...

Honey, keep up...she never takes it down. It's just like Running With Scissors at her house.

ButtonHole said...

Really? Omg, that is FABULOUS.

How can I get an invitation to this place? I gotta see it.

biggy said...

T, is the flash not working on your camera?

mamoo said...

i can't see fay.

buttonhole, everyone has a Holiday Tree don't they?

mamoo said...

greg, shouldn't you be working?

mamoo said...

greg, shouldn't you be working?

Tania Rochelle said...

Jeez, leave for half an hour to get a prescription filled for Lo...

First of all, that's my Valentines tree.

Collin, it's not JUST like. We don't have a masturbatorium.

Button, you're welcome any time. Enter at your own risk.

Biggy, shouldn't you be working?

Mamoo, Fay's at the top of the steps. Put on your Deb specs.

Biggy, shouldn't you be working?

ButtonHole said...

Mamoo: I haven't a thing against the traditional holiday tree. Perhaps I mispoke. Perhaps it's a Memorial Day tree. It's true that I cannot see the decorations. They could be all military memorials from my fuzzy view.

I think it sounds a little like Pippi Longstocking's house.

What time is dinner, Tania? Just so I'll know. If I'm going to visit, I might as well get a meal out of it, I always say!

I'll bring a little something for the tree. I guess it celebrates Arbor Day just by existing, huh?

Will Biggy be at work when I visit?

ga said...

I miss Fay.

ga said...

...oh yea, and you should make a Georgia Tree.

jessicatillyer said...

I am sorry, "Valentines tree?" Chaawhat? Wasn't valentines day like three months ago.

You business! I'm just askin.

(but please tell us more about that tree).

Mr. Grubbs said...

I had no idea you were a part time zoo keeper as well as a teacher and writer. Where do you find the time? Seriously, how many animals do you share a residence with?

Tania Rochelle said...

Actually, Mr. Grubbs, I'm a full-time zoo keeper. Everything else is part time. I take care of 10 small animals in addition to the revolving list of humans I must feed and clean up after.

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