Nature or Nurture?

After Georgia left for Costa Rica on Monday, I found this lying on her bed:

Lola's planning to race BMX this weekend. I just discovered this in her book bag:


Rachel said...

i love that lo is bringing her helmet and her new helmet.. guess you can never have too many.

biggy said...

Oh my. Tangia is hard enough to deal with. I can't handle Logia has well.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, considering my bad qualities and Georgia's bad qualities are the same, Tangia is just six of one, a half-dozen of the other.

If you take those bad qualities, however, and combine them with Lo's unique neuroses and personality disorders, I'm afraid Logia will truly be a monster.

jessicatillyer said...

my family is avid list makers and i kinda look down upon non-list makers.

it is really cute the number of times Lola wrote "bmx"

Kathy said...

I want Ga or Lo to come out here and help me pack next time we take a trip.

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