Saturday Things You Might Not Know

Tonight, because I was so tired of Lo's questions about a particular subject, I googled the topic and shared volumes of information with her. You can look forward to her post about it tomorrow.

But from my search, I discovered these. I plan to order two pairs, for Lola and her father. They're technically called Under-Ease but are commonly referred to as Fartypants.


biggy said...

You better buy extra strength and/or heavy duty.

ButtonHole said...

Just think about what it's gonna be like, though, when all those old built-up farts that have been stuck in there come floating out at drawer-changin' time on Saturday. Whew.

ads. said...

I thought that's what car seats and sofa cushions were for...

How do you know when the filter is plugged? Do the pants start to INFLATE?! Talk about yer bubble butt!

Jennifer said...

T, thanks for telling us about these. Now I can begin my Christmas shopping for presents for my family extra, extra early!

Collin said...

Yeah, but do they have any that are anti-skidmark?

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