On the Phone With Jack

TR: You called?

Jack: Yeah. What are you doing?

TR: Working.

Jack: I just wanted to know if I should put Fay in her cage.

TR: Where are you going?

Jack: To get my head shaved.

TR: Oh. Then you should put her in the cage.

Jack: I did.

TR: Where are you going to get it done?

Jack: Dennis's. I'm here already.

TR: Nobody's using a razor on your head, are they?

Jack: We're just buzzing.

TR: OK. You got a camera?

Jack: Yep.


biggy said...

Ha!! I didn't think he would go thru with it.

Collin said...

I hope Jack doesn't have an oddly misshapened head under that hair.

Tania Rochelle said...

It's perfectly shaped. But very large.

M. RuPere said...

summer's here and the time is right . . . for dancing in the street . . . and for getting outta the pool, then one whisk w a towel over your burr-cut and you're good to go - it's a babe magnet, Jack!

ga said...

but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?

ads. said...

Keep it tight! That's the only way to go....low, low maintenance. I haven't owned a comb since '86.

Anonymous said...

Please post a picture of the buzz!!!

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