How Did We Miss This Casting Call?!


mamoo said...

i took madonna and brodie to that casting call and the producers said they didn't need that much talent for a low budget film such as this. they told me i should audition them for for the really big movies like "chihuahua sex and the city" or "chihuahua jones and the crystal skull".

biggy said...

that looks terrible. Enjoy taking Lola to see this.

Tania Rochelle said...

You should hold out for the real blockbusters, Mamoo.

How terrible could it be? If it's just two hours of chihuahuas running around onscreen, I'll love it.

Collin said...

Just put a bullet in my head.

Kathy said...

The trailer is pretty funny, but don't know if I could handle a whole movie. Also, I don't think any member of your menagerie would want to be part of a production number like that. Lead role only.

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