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Our plan was to get up early to go mountain biking, but we woke up to this:

Luckily, one of our neighbor's has a tree removal biz and was able to clear it away by noon. No major damage. This is the second Bradford Pear to split on us in two weeks. It's bad enough they make your yard smell like morning at the Chicken Ranch.

In the meantime, we couldn't reach JackMan on his cell phone, even though I'd given him the new driver's "Answer-your-phone-so-I'll-know-you're-not-dead-in-a-ditch" speech earlier this week, so we went to his buddy Dennis's to make sure he was alive and to see his head in person. I had only seen the photo I posted yesterday, myself. I told them they look like Chia Heads.
Finally, we were able to drive to Ellijay to ride Bear Creek trail. Seven miles up a mountain with wet socks and shoes from falling into Bear Creek is a lot easier when there's scenery like this at the top:

While resting, we had our usual conversation:

Biggy: How long do you think it would take them to find your body?

TR: Way longer than it would take me to find your ass from the spirit world.


Sade said...

I didn't even know those trees grew to be that tall. Sorry you had a bad morning. Hope the car and house are ok?!?!

Collin said...

Like Jack's head...no serious damage.

ga said...

Jack, I don´t like it

Lola said...

Nether do I Georgia

mamoo said...

long hair, short hair, no hair. you're still georgeous, jack.

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