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I took Lola to get smoothies at Robeks this afternoon. I got Jack and me Fit shakes, which are made from the miraculous acai berry, which is believed to make you smarter, wealthier, and prettier. Lo got her usual Hummingbird, which makes you talk a lot. Back in the car, we had this conversation:

Lo: Can I taste Jack's?

TR: You don't like Fit shakes.

Lo: I know. But I hate it so much, I just want to taste it again.

TR: Fine.

Lo: Blech! How do you drink those things?!

TR: I looooove it. It's like chocolateberry.

Lo: It's diss-GUSTING. Hey, I'm going to read what's on the cup to you. "Check out our selection of wholesome sandwiches and other healthy eats. It's great tasting food that's good for you too!" Why do they say that? It does NOT taste good.

TR: They're talking about the sandwiches and stuff. You haven't even tried them.

Lo: I know, but they say they're good for you, so they must taste bad.

TR: That Hummingbird is good for you, and you like it.

Lo: Not since I opened the lid and saw the color. You know how you like something, and then you find out what's in it and you don't like it any more?

TR: No, I don't know.

Lo: Like if you were eating a piece of meat you thought was really good, and then you found out it was human butt.


Blaise said...

i agree with lola those fit shakes are just plain gross. i don't see how you guys drink them (and enjoy them).

Collin said...

I'm not going ANYWHERE near this.

ga said...

theyre sooooooo goooooooddd

ButtonHole said...

That is so great! Human butt! This kid has really talent, as well as an extremely valid point.

ButtonHole said...

I even proofread that. Sigh.

REAL talent.

ads. said...

"....soilant green is people...."

Nothing like a big ol' butt sandwich, with plenty o' BUTT-B-Q sauce....thank goodness there's nothing like it....'cept ham (pig butt, but that's different)...

Rachel said...

i wish lola was my sister.

mamoo said...

rachel, i'll bet tania would let you borrow lola for a year or two if you ask her. just remember, i get her on weekends.

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