Shout Out to Banfield Vet

Last night, when we got back from our usual Suburban Tap outing, Jack mentioned that Fay's eye was swollen almost shut. This morning, it hadn't improved, so I took her over to Banfield, the vet at PetSmart here in Marietta. This is where I've been taking Fay since the day after I adopted her. They helped us through the open sores on her back, the worms, the fact that she was only four weeks old...They put up with my acting like a first-time mom, bringing her in every other day. Like today, they always fit her into the schedule and called the next day to see how she was doing. This afternoon, the vet herself called me twice to discuss Fay's condition, which, it turns out, is a big dangerous scratch on her cornea that has to be treated with antibiotics, serum made from her own blood (to help the tissue reconnect), and drops for pain. Poor little baby!

Before I got Fay, I'd been taking Daisy and Stella to another vet, less than a mile from the house. I'd endured long waits, a surly staff, and hand-made rudely worded signs warning about bad checks and paying at the time of service--an overall feeling of "Our clientele is a bunch of degenerates." When I first got Fay, she was in bad shape. I called Other Vet and tried to explain the situation and ask if they could fit her in for an exam. The gal at the desk cut me off and quickly informed me that they were booked for the day. No offer to try to squeeze us in, or to call if there was a cancellation. No apologies or well wishes. To be fair, I'm allowing that

a) It's possible most folks find those "Pay Up" signs motivational and inspiring


b) Perhaps those ladies up front suffered from Permanent Menstrual Syndrome.

I ended up calling Banfield, and the woman who answered the phone listened patiently as I explained about how tiny Fay was and about the infected-looking sores on her back. Then she kindly assured me that they'd take care of the puppy. That day, Other Vet lost three patients.

I don't know anything about the other Banfield offices, but I recommend the one on Johnson Ferry Road to anyone in this area. Get your pets on the wellness plans, too. I've saved $1100 this past year alone.

Please forgive the boring post, but I just wanted to give credit where it's due.


Blaise said...

holy crap! what happened? how is she doing?

Tania Rochelle said...

We're not sure how it happened. Maybe Daisy scratched her while they were playing, or maybe she got scratched by a bush while she was running around in the back yard.

She's better this evening. Has a re-check on Wednesday to see if the meds are working.

ads. said...

It's always heart warming to visit a public business, which despises the public....."Don't bother us with your problems. Just sit down, shut up, and give us your money."
I'm glad you moved your babies to someone who still gives a shit!

Ana B. said...

A reassuring vet is just as important as a trustworthy gynecologist. When I was in the process of getting all the paperwork together to bring my dog to Brazil with me, I had he worst experiences with "our" vet. For some odd reason, I had an outstanding balance of $4 dollars with them from a zillion years ago, and they refused to send any of my dog's medical records to the Department of Agriculture to be approved (so I could take my dog overseas.) I offered to pay the balance over the phone and they said I had to deal with their DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS OFFICE from then on. And I had only 5 days to get everything together before leaving the country. A freaking nightmare. I ended up almost chocking the front desk lady and it all worked out. Good ol' puppy here is binational now! :)

Collin said...

Awwwww...poor Fay. Glad she's doing better.

Mary Campbell said...

Do they care for rabbits with inordinately large feet and ears?

ads. said...

I wonder if Michael Moore could do "Sicko II- the vet version", on the ex-vets.

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