Friday Nostalgia

The Jayhawks, 1995. I miss this band.


ga said...

I say no more Friday Nostalgia or Saturday Things while I´m gone. I need REAL entertainment, and I know you have it. I don´t have school today and I´ll be booooreeeeddd, entertain me!

Less Is More said...

I still listen to this album at least once a month - it always reminds me of you T., and up until today I had never seen a video of theirs. Enjoyed it! Hey Georgia - it reminds me of you too and when we used to hang with you guys - hope you are having "fun" in Costa Rico or wherever you are - stay safe.
Leslie B.

Howard said...

You should buy that new Gary Louris album, "Vagabonds." It's little more mellow than his Jayhawks work but goo-ood.

Sade said...

That was the most entertaining part of my day! I really miss them too!

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