If You Love Something, Set It Free

Well, that's some serious bullshit. George left yesterday morning to go back to Costa Rica, this time with a group of Berry students who won scholarships to teach English to kids in kindergarten for 7 weeks. Did I just say SEVEN WEEKS?!

Almost 50 days of fresh air, volcanoes, rain forests, bright birds, sweet papaya, butterflies, nice people, and monkeys...my daughter will never want to come home.

Thank god she shares my dislike of children. I'm banking on that.


Kathy said...

There goes your exercise program... 7 weeks in Costa Rica - I am jealous.
Have a great trip, GA.

mamoo said...

since george shares your dislike of children, i wonder how many kids will she have? 4? 8?

(that is a beautiful picture of the two of you.)

ga said...

I miss you guys! I found out I'm living in Santa Cruz, not Chirco. And I am still living with the other girl, Molly. I am teaching in Chirco and my host mother will drop me off at school everyday.

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