Another Case in Point

When I came downstairs this morning, I found the usual collection of glasses and bowls in the sink, with the tell-tale film of protein shake and peanut butter that is Biggy's hallmark. So after I got Lo off to school and fed the dogs, guinea pigs, turtle, and hamsters, Biggy sashayed in freshly showered, trying to decide what he wanted to eat:

TR: I've come up with an analogy that might be helpful.

Biggy: Let's hear it.

TR: Your leaving your dishes in the sink, which is right next to the dishwasher, which I always unload, is the equivalent of my leaving trash on the floor by the pantry door instead of opening the door and putting it in the trashcan--because the trash is your job.

Biggy: Let me think about that one a minute.


Biggy: That's a good analogy, but we still don't have any paper towels.

TR: Don't go off subject.

Biggy: Maybe it's more like: My leaving the dishes in the sink is like your leaving your shoes all over the closet floor instead of putting them on the shoe shelves.

TR: As an analogy, that doesn't work, because you don't have to put the shoes on the shelves in order for something else to happen. The dishes HAVE to go in the dishwasher in order to be washed. My leaving my shoes on the closet floor is the equivalent of your leaving your shoes in our bedroom floor. I put your shoes up EVERY DAY.

Biggy: (Who's been writing something on a piece of paper as we chat.) Here, read this out loud. (Turns paper around, on which is written " I AM A WEE TODD. I AM SOFA KING WEE TODD IT.")

I, of course, am too smart to fall for it.


Collin said...

All you need is a pencil skirt and Biggy needs a cardigan and you guys are the Rob and Laura Petrie of the 00s.

ButtonHole said...

Know but this: Your marriage is the paragon of perfection to which we all aspire.

biggy said...

Colin, I have quite the cardigan collection.

buttonhole, if that's the case, we're all in trouble.

ButtonHole said...

Of COURSE we're all in trouble! So let's have fun!

Okay, somebody start.

Alena said...

That made me laugh. Kind of a lot.

ads. said...

I think you guys are sofa king a door able.
I was thinking the Ozzie(&Harriet) Nelson family meets the Ozzie Osborne family.

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