What's Wrong With Me?

I'm grateful to be here. Aside from two days of rain, I've got no bloggable complaints. And the classes have been great. I mean, where else could I go for a class on nothing but interjections and how they work in poems? It made me happy.

But I'm homesick. It's true. Just call me 'Georgia.'

I'm ready to come home. A week is too long to be away. I need Biggy and the kids in slapping distance. I miss Fay's constant rebound off my shins and the end-of-week smell of the guinea pigs' cage.


Kathy said...

There's nothing wrong with you - a week is a long time away from home no matter how great the classes are. Have a good trip back. I'm sure the house will be clean, frig stocked and all laundry done.

ads. said...

You had me, right up to the G*-pigs...

* G, as in, Ginormous gobs of disGusting goo. Gross.

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