Friday Nostalgia

Just a reminder about the origins of our 'yellow ribbon' tradition here in the USA. While yellow ribbon folklore dates back to the Civil War or earlier, it was the 1973 Tony Orlando and Dawn song, which made a dramatic comeback eight years after being recorded, that is responsible for the ribbon's current ubiquitousness. When the 52 American hostages held in Iran returned home after 444 days of captivity on January 20, 1981, the song--about a convict who's served his time-- was played throughout the land as a joyous homecoming theme.

It's true, boys and girls. You gotta love this country!


ads. said...

Yeah, we're good for that crap.

And how 'bout Ross Perot using "Crazy" for his theme song...hmmm.

I'm not real sold on our Star Spangled Banner, either. There are better ones to choose from...

Jamie Lockridge said...

Mrs. Rochelle, I was offended by your tone in this entry. It seemed as if you were making a mockery of the tradition of the yellow ribbon.

Perhaps you don't have any of your family serving in Iraq, but my 21 year old son is a Marine. His father is also a Marine and they are both in Iraq for a full year.

Plenty of us are holding on to any hope we find and the yellow ribbon does give us hope. Without war affecting you directly, I'm not sure that you are able to understand our pain and loss.

I'm asking that you be respectful of our soldiers and their families

Thank you for giving it some thought.

mamoo said...

ma'am, i don't think my daughter meant any disrespect to your family or anyone serving their country.

Adam said...

My 22 year-old brother Alistair is an Army Ranger about to ship back to Afghanistan with the 82nd but I still think yellow ribbons are silly.

So there.

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