What the F*&%!

There was fried chicken for dinner, so no complaints there. But during the meal, the subject of manuscript titles came up, and I mentioned that I needed to change mine--to which someone in the group, who's read my manuscript, readily agreed and suggested, "I was thinking Princess Diaries." Ouch is all I gotta say.

Anyway, we heard some inspiring readings tonight, and now it's time for me to watch Lawrence Welk. Not really, but someone else at dinner mentioned nervous breakdowns, which reminded me of my schizowack grandmother, who always watched it on Saturday nights, 8 o'clock.


Tania Rochelle said...

Dearest Collin,

For some reason I can't send email, so I thought I'd just say I couldn't leave your sweet note of support up--for many reasons.

I just assume the person sees my work as self-indulgent. To each her own.

Roy Hinshaw said...

Uhhh. Thanks for getting me to watch a couple of Lawrence Welk segments on YouTube. What's next? Leave it to Beaver?

Tania Rochelle said...

I'm all about your cultural enrichment, Roy.

I think you should look at Petticoat Junction next.

Kathy said...

I would much rather watch this than Lee Greenwood (or anyone else for that matter) sing "God Bless the USA". Love the red white and blue outfits. My grandparents watched Lawrence Welk all the time so we did too.

"Princess Diairies" - I don't think so.

Collin said...

I don't care that you deleted my comment, just don't listen to whoever called your work "Princess Diaries." Totally off base.

ButtonHole said...

I'm serious!

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