In the Car With Biggy

On the way to the airport:

TR: Did you listen to the Bert Show yesterday morning?

Biggy: NO. Why?

TR: It was a "best of." I swear, they don't work more than they do. Anyway, I turned on just in time to hear a re-run of "Annie," the stupid 13-year-old they have on to give advice. What do they think it is, Radio Disney? It was boring enough the first time. Like, like, like....

Biggy: You know how, when you bite into a food you hate, you don't go back for seconds--

TR: --Yeah, yeah, well, I turned it to the The Real Guys, but that was like listening to three Jeff Daulers. Idiots.

Biggy: That show is FUNNY.

TR: No, THEY think they're funny. They crack themselves up. Just like Jeff. Ugh!

Biggy: MEN think they're funny. Trust me.

TR: No, 14-year-old boys think they're funny. Not smart boys, either. The kind of boys who light their farts.

Biggy: Well, I guess I have a 14-year-old's mentality.

TR: Exactly. Hey, I ran into my old AA sponsor at Publix the other night.

Biggy: Did she have alcohol on her breath?

TR: (stares out the window.)

Biggy: What did you WANT me to say?!

TR: You didn't have to say anything! It was just nice to see her.

Biggy: Did y'all do the secret handshake?

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Kathy said...

Maybe next time Biggy shouldn't drive you to the airport....

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