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So a two-and-a-half hour bus ride from the Denver airport landed us at the Beaver Creek Resort. Biggy and I will be renting mountain bikes and taking to the hills. This is OK. BUT all the stress has given me a fever blister. Add it up:

>Hair the color of your grandpa's army boots.

>No warm clothes, because when they said to pack jeans, I just packed what I always wear for jeans occasions--sun dresses.

>An extra head growing on my lip.

I'll keep you posted.


Collin said...

It all looks a little too rustic lesbian chic for my taste, and also out in the middle of nowhere. Take care of that extra head.

Tania Rochelle said...

I wouldn't say rustic. There's a spa, salon, nice gym, 5 jacuzzis, and wireless Net.

The mountains are gorgeous. All the way over on the bus, someone kept going on and on about how some kind of beetle is destroying all the trees, pointing out the brown patches of dying forest. "It's just so sad...such a shame," she kept repeating. I looked at the clusters of houses and tastefully constructed malls and thought the same thing.

biggy said...

I'm enjoying the free beer. and food. and oh, 14 miles of mtn biking trails I get to hit up.

Kathy said...

There's nothing rustic about Beaver Creek. No complaining about a free weekend in Beaver Creek even with bad hair & a fever blister. If you're cold, we'll bring you a couple of fleeces and some hats & gloves. Just let me know. Are the ski lifts in operation? If so, take one to the top. It's beautiful. We snow shoed (sp?)up there a few years ago.

Pine beetles are killing many trees in CO & the west - due to "perfect storm of drought, large stands of old trees and, possibly, warmer temperatures because of climate change". Imagine that...

greg rappleye said...

Can you say, "The Shining"?

e! said...

Yeah, I agree with Kathy! No complaining about being in Beaver Creek even with no snow!! It is gorgeous!! And T, I am really sorry about the extra head. Just put some stuff on it and enjoy your surroundings!

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