College Days

All this college talk has me thinking about my own undergrad days at UGA. This was my house on Milledge Terrace. Well, the right side of the bottom floor, with the screened porch. I'm working on an essay about the house, but I'll mention that Kathy's garage apartment was directly behind me, on the next street over, and there was a trail through the little bit of woods between us. Too bad I can't tell all the stories.

More on the conference tomorrow.


Kathy said...

Didn't we take a road trip to Athens post graduation/post your babies? I'm having a hard time remembering if I've even been back since I graduated. Very sad. I would love to take a trip now.

I wonder if your house is still there. I bet those "garage" apts were torn down a long time ago. Or they burnt to the ground in a flint stick stove lighting incident.

Tania Rochelle said...

I don't think we did, Kathy. I've been back a few times, though. The last time was about two years ago. The house was still there--and your apartment.

Alison said...

this basically looks like the house i lived in on myrtle street during my stint at pc. except this house looks a little more kept up. brothers from another mother.

ButtonHole said...

the house is DEFINITELY still there. As of today, anyway. I shortcut through that street all the time to get to West Lake/Alps.

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