Pot Roast

Biggy: Why did you cook it in a bag?

TR: It had all the seasonings and stuff.

Biggy: So it was a kit?


ButtonHole said...

A KIT ROAST! Like a kit car, you mean?

Tania Rochelle said...

Yeah...but I had to chop the vegetables.

mamoo said...

so, did you have to kill the cow too?

ButtonHole said...

Okay, but, well, did the veggies come in the kit, whole, or is there a sign on the front "Veggies not included. Three AA carrots needed"?

I ask because I need me one o' them kits, but want to be advised on exactly how much work I'm looking at first.

Best answer: turn oven on, slide in roast kit, wait, eat.

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