Playing Hooky

Until now, I've attended every official function of the conference--all readings, workshops, classes, and lectures. I don't want to miss anything, because I want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn more from people I admire.

BUT, I am, at the very moment, ditching an event. Not because it's an unworthy one, but because I never acquired the maturity to sit still and appreciate certain types of theater or performances. Interpretive dance, for instance, or poetry that's accompanied by drummers, dancers, or a chorus. Or anything at all with nudity--even partial. I'm also given to fits of giggles during weddings and funerals, occasions I cannot always simply opt out of. I don't know how that's connected, but it seems to be, so I put it. The maturity thing, I guess.

Anyway, one of the alums does characters. She dresses up like Emily Dickinson or, in today's case, Zelda Fitzgerald, and inhabits that personality for an hour or so. There's a monologue, and then she takes questions from the audience (as Zelda).

Once, I accidentally saw a woman in Marietta who does the same thing with Mary Todd Lincoln. Mary showed up at a reading, surprising everyone. It turns out, the lady was a pretty well-known historical impersonator. I hadn't even known there was such a thing. As was inevitable, I had to sneak out in the middle of her monologue, faking a coughing fit to disguise my snorts of laughter.

I can't explain why these types of things lead to paroxysms--or why they make me so uncomfortable, which is more likely the case. All I know is it's a huge risk for me to attend, and I'm not doing anyone any favors if I do.

I'm sure it was lovely.


ga said...

So I get the laughing at funerals from you.....figures....

Collin said...

Yeah, historical impersonators make me giggle, esp. Mary Todd LIncoln. I've seen her. I'm giggling now just thinking about it.

Kathy said...

I think Betsy's interpretive dances at UGA may have ruined that for you. I giggle now just thinking about it. Did you have a giggling fit at my wedding? If so, you hid it well.

Tania Rochelle said...

Betsy ruined a lot of things for me. Turkey sausage, for instance.

mamoo said...

good choice, tania. the not going thing.

collin, she isn't talking about giggling. she's talking about pure uncontrolled hysteria.

biggy said...

Reason #4,564 I'm glad I didn't go.

greg rappleye said...

I agree.

I skipped this event too, several years ago at Mount Holyoke.

For me, this stuff just cloys.

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