A Look at the Future

When we got Timmy a couple of years ago, he was the size of a quarter:

It's been a little worrisome that he's already grown to the size of Biggy's head:

But after the news this morning...


Anonymous said...


Tania Rochelle said...

That was Blaise. And to make it easier:

Click here.

Nicholas said...

I dont like this turtleman...who wrestles turtles? Its like a sloth hunter.

biggy said...

my head or your ass? boo-yah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one HOT man. Love the teeth.

Collin said...

It's like Ringling Brothers Circus at your house, T.Ro. You should charge admission.

ButtonHole said...

Did you see the clip of the Korean Turtleman who unexpectedly succumbed to a heart attack? Apparently he was part of a feel-good pop trio.

That was sad.

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