Cooter Skirts and Sexercise

We made a rare trek to the mall today for Lo's back-to-school clothes--an incredibly traumatic experience that will take me weeks to get over. All those teen girls dressed like Ho-Bag Barbie causes sensory overload. Then, Lo gets on and rides this "fitness" machine in the window at Brookstone; I can't drag her off it.

Oh yeah, I'm putting that thing on my Wishlist.



The mall on ANY day is sheer trauma, but seeing these young girls dressed like whores and, many times, acting like whores is so disturbing. My mother would have NEVER let me out of the house dressed like that. She wouldn't let me get my ears pierced for YEARS because she said I would "look like a gypsy." I guess she decided to join my "tribe" because she FINALLY got her ears pierced several years ago.

minus five said...

two questions:

1. are you serious about buying that thing? b/c i'd guess it would be out the door as fast as the gazelle, torso track and thighmaster.

2. did you really just use the word "cooter"?

Tania Rochelle said...

1. I wouldn't really buy it. I have a husband.

2. I did.

minus five said...

i could have done without the answer to the first question. i regret asking it.

aud said...

back to school shopping was always my favorite time of year. The hard part is deciding what to wear on the first day of school. what is it with the kids today looking like hoochie mamas??? I know Lo knows better.

where can i get one of those machines????

Tania Rochelle said...

Audrey, ask Sarah where she got hers.

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