While we were having Georgia's senior pictures made this weekend, I was stunned again by how much like my sister she looks. (Of course, Miss George straightened her hair for this occasion.)


Collin said...

You all favor one another.

Is that an Izod shirt Georgia is wearing?

Tania Rochelle said...

Um, she bought that shirt herself.

mamoo said...

the older george gets the more she looks like kelly. i just didn't realize how much.
that was the christmas she was diagnosed, before the hair thing.

Collin said...

I'm so out of touch with the fashions kids are wearing these days. I'm practicaly an old fogey.

Biggy said...

Beautiful picture, not even the best of the bunch. But Izod, George? Come on , you know that's not how we roll.

Garey Simpson said...

Wow, that's an incredible picture. Can you send me more?

Anonymous said...

That's not an Izod shirt. It is now Lacoste.

In the 70's Izod purchased the rights to the croc, and marketed it as high end fashion. However, once Izod began to fall out of fashion, Lacoste took the rights back, not wanting their intellectual property to lose its luster.

So instead of buying it at TJ Maxx for $20, you go to the Mall and get it for $70.


Thank GOD someone cleared up that IZOD versus Lacoste controversy...I don't know if I could've made it through my Friday carrying such ignorance in my heart regarding a 70$ polo shirt.

Um, I didn't realize that those photos were of 2 different people...that is amazing how much they favor one another...beautiful.

Alena said...

Izod is big with the kids. Now all of my friends look like the idiots I tried to avoid in high school.

When Stebbi wears his, I get a twitch.

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