Picked up this free Creative Loafing knock-off at the local pizza joint last night. Wow, have we had fun with it--especially given the remarkable resemblance.

Not even a chuckle, though, out of Miss George.


Collin said...

Poor Georgia.

minus five said...

that is the funniest thing i have seen all day. i mean, i haven't even been awake for an hour, but i'm sure by this evening it will still be a top contender.

georgia, if you makes you feel any better, i once looked like a special olympian that was featured in the newspaper. my government teacher in 12th grade found it and showed it to the whole class on the overhead projector and then passed the actual copy around. i felt cool.

Tania Rochelle said...

Hmmm...so Mamoo isn't the only one.

Jennifer said...

As I begin my 17th year teaching in the University of Georgia system, I can promise you this: Georgia is stupid. Way fucking stupid. If your Georgia is stupid, though, maybe Jack can stay in on Friday and Saturday nights to tutor her in her difficult subjects?

minus five said...

t: i've been called a retard several times. does this surprise you? just not by my friend's mom.

jennifer: like jack is allowed to go to school. the only time they claim he lives in their house and is part of the family is when they do their taxes.

Alena said...

Doesn't the answer to that question seem pretty obvious? Well, duh.

(And I'm talking about the state, not your girl.)

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