Georgia Waxes Philosophic

G: You know how I used to have it every two weeks? Now it's every two months.

TR: I should make you a doctor's appointment. Would you rather see a gynecologist or the nurse practician at the pediatrician's--since you already know her?

G: I don't want anybody I know all up in my junk! Then next time we run into each other, it'll be all, "Oh, hi, I've seen your vagina."

TR: OK. You could go to my regular doctor. He's very cute.

G: HE is cute--I don't want to go to a man. I want a woman who looks like her name should be Helga.

TR: I don't think I can find that out in the yellow pages.

G: This is all bullshit, anyway. You should get one period in your whole life. Period. One chance.

TR: Like when you're 28-and-a-half?

G: Yeah. And there'd be a test before, to tell you the week you can get pregnant. And if you don't feel like having a baby that week--well, it sucks for you.


mammo said...

poor ga ga. the most intimate details of her life gets smeared all over the world.

mamoo said...

uh, get smeared.

Biggy said...

poor choice of word

Tania Rochelle said...

Poor Jack

mamoo said...

oh excuse me, all wise and knowing one. what word would you have used?

GA said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhh.... and Im PMSing too!!!! you guys suck!!!

Collin said...

I've making it a point not to visit your blog in the evenings until well after dinner.

Tania Rochelle said...

Just as long as you visit, Collin.

minus five said...

tania's mom: i'm with biggy on that one. maybe you shouldn't have said "smeared" when talking about rag time. maybe plastered. but not smeared. or spread.

collin: there's nothing wrong with tampon talk.

poor jack.

Anne-Davnes said...

All this girl talk is tampontastic!

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