Mamoo's Tattoos

Here's what my mother (I'm 43--you do the math) picked up on two recent trips to Mexico. She's about to leave for her third cruise and plans to get another.

Mamoo: It's true, what they say about it being addictive.

TR: Just say no.


Tania Rochelle said...

In the interest of maintaining peace in the family, I will withhold comment.:)

Biggy said...

oops...The above comment was mine.

Collin said...

Go for it, Mamoo. Get it on your butt...maybe a set of lips. Heeee!

Garey Simpson said...

Atleast she didn't get a huge tattoo of her face on her entire back like Steve-O.

mamoo said...

and another and another and another.

who knows, i just might get my belly button pierced.
gawd, what an ugly picture that would be.

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