Preparing for Our Houseguest

Tonight, I'm folding laundry, and Stella's helping as always. These are some of the towels Sarah will be using.


minus five said...


you threatened me with having to sleep with lola and the dogs if i ever did come stay with you, but i didn't think you would let your dogs roll around on my appointed towels.

i guess i'm fortunate to be bringing my own toiletries.

and p.s. i am not sarah in the blogosphere, i'm minus five. i have enough stalkers as it is.

Garey Simpson said...

They can roll around in it all they want, but you should definitely be afraid if they lick it... Its like a toxic acid, their breath.

Tania, did you proof read that essay I wrote?

Tania Rochelle said...

Can I call you MF for short?

mamoo said...


minus five said...

t: i would be honored.

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