Friday Nostalgia

The book was published in 1974, when I was 11. It probably took a year, though, for it to trickle down from the older kids. It taught me everything that little film in 5th grade Health class left out.

Brief Summary: "The Other Side of Midnight" is the story of Noelle, a naïve young French woman who falls for a handsome American aviator during World War II. But when the war ends, Noelle waits in vain for her handsome flyer to return. Alone and abandoned, the young woman finds that she has to make her way by selling her body.


Collin said...

Never read this one. I got all my sex from Judy Bloom and Erica Jong when I was a kid. No wonder I'm a homo...

mamoo said...

and i was taught that dogs and cats dug their babies out of the ground. my father would actually go outside and dig a hole for me to see. how stupid is that?

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