Friday Nostalgia

Fifteen years ago, this classic was born.

And as evidenced by this 2005 hit, the proud tradition continues.


Kathy said...

Ok - you've ruined my Friday. Had both videos playing at the same time, so not sure which bad song will be running thru my head the rest of the day. Perfect examples of all that is wrong with Top 40 country music (although I will admit that there's something about Achy Breaky Heart that I like - maybe the mullet...)

Collin said...

I hate both of these songs with an equal amount of passion.

ads. said...

k-Playing both videos at the same time can cause irreversible brain damage...consider yourself lucky.

t- you ruined my day, and yet made my day in the same effort...well done!
I never liked "mullet-boy", or that song, or most country music(with some exceptions). The second was probably bad, too.....but......I don't think i heard anything after it started....although who needed MUSIC. Let's just get to what it's REALLY sellin'......THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!!...da BADONKADONK!!! Brain damage...SO WHAT! I'll risk it...

Jennifer said...

I had never heard "Badonkadonk" before, but the song (and the video) made me laugh really hard. Thanks, T!

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