Where the F*** Is Bob?

I do believe the neighbors should thank me and my sign. It looks like Bob might have been "inspired" to try a little harder. He probably broke a sweat. If you'll notice, between last week and this, the trashpile of old siding and shingles on the left has been removed. So has the garbage heap of dead toys and trampy bikes on the right. Chairs are gone as well.

Now, that's progress.

Oh, and did I mention that the wooden fence you see in these pics was built specifically to block the view of Bob's house? The couple and their son built it themselves--in the time it took Bob to add another piece of siding.


Howard said...

Bob realizes the two sides of his hosue don't match at all, doesn't he? They're not even close.

God bless this guy. And the segment you're writing about him! I love it

Collin said...

Nothing like a little community peer pressure. Of course, you could always pray for a lightening strike.

Tania Rochelle said...

Or we could try beer pressure. Offer him a case every time he completes a task.

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