Saturday Things You Might Not Know

I was planning to tell you all about dermoid cysts this morning, those tumors that have hair and teeth, but while I was researching--looking for pictures I thought your delicate stomachs could handle, I came across something more interesting. You can google the cyst thing for your ownselves, but--first--be sure to read this 2005 Slate article. Then, check out the Vibrator Museum.


ads. said...

WOW! Great articles...I learned much:
1. "teledildonics"...What a concept...I'm sure Steve Jobs is working that into the next IPhone.
2."Engineered obsolescence" should be obscene, not sex toys.
3.Camouflaged technology...as a kid, I always thought it an odd shape for a "neck massager" in the Sears catalogs....yeah, right!
4.I don't remember seeing the "Technology of Orgasm" offered at when I attended Michigan Tech( 'course I was drunk alot of the time...)maybe M.I.T. has it. What a major!
5. "somnambulant"(try working THAT into a conversation...) means sleepwalking...these parts actually WALK away?? I'm confused.
6.I think it's a hoot that this was such a covert operation for so many years...I guess, as history points out, guys have always been afraid of the "competition"....better go sign up for a class in the Technology of orgasm...
Great class, teach!!!

Tania Rochelle said...

Finally, some appreciation! Ads is the only one with any manners.

Collin said...

I appreciate a good vibrator.

GA said...

Are you running out of things to blog about because I'm not there?? I lost my voice, I'll try to call you tomorrow but that is why I haven't been answering. Harry Potter sucked, the company however, did not.

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