Home Again

and all is right with the world.

(Or it will be--once Jack cleans up Fay's mess. How did she even do this?)


insane said...

yeah, I realize you're blinded by love, but your dog is insane and only happy when she has her teeth sunk into something, and her preference appears to be skin. Absent that, the newspaper was her only choice.

biggy said...


Anonymous said...

Why would Jack be the one to clean it up? She is your child!!! Poor Jack can't get a break around that house.

Tania Rochelle said...

Like Jack would actually clean that up. I was hoping to get a secret film of me asking him to, so you could see firsthand how mean he is to me, but he slept all day after practice.

Rachel said...

i'm sad fay was not at school today. poor fay.

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