Today at Work

Do you see a puppy in my lap? NO! Just a few crumbs from the turkey/apple/brie wrap I had for lunch. (It was a miracle that I could eat at all.) I had to leave Fay at home today, in her c-r-a-t-e, so I could run the visuals for Hank's presentation this morning without fear of her toddler antics and tantrums during the speech. It's the first full day since I got her six weeks ago that we've been separated, and every time I think of her my milk lets down. Well, it's sort of like that.

I asked Biggy to take her to work with him--said I'd come to get her around noon, but noooooooooo. He mumbled something about corporate environment and no grass for miles and secretaries who wouldn't get their faxing done. What happened to "family-friendly?"

I will probably have to clock out early.


mamoo said...

i'll baby-sit that puppy anytime, just like i have for the rest of my grandchildren.

Jennifer said...

Is that skirt you're wearing gray or green?

biggy said...

It had less to do with corporate environment and more to do with your dog being a complete hellion.

ads. said...

Be stong, Tania. Either that, or strap her to your leg and get a longer skirt( non-see-thru).

Collin said...

Cut the cord, honey.

Tania Rochelle said...

Will you come pick her up at 7 a.m., Mamoo?

Jennifer, I'm brown/green/gray and black/blue colorblind, so you can't trust my answer. I think it's green, though.

Whatever, Biggy.

Ads, she's too noisy. I'd be accused of gastrointestinal distress.

And Collin, there's not a big enough knife in the world.

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