George in Boston

When I was 18, I wouldn't drive to the Majik Market by myself, much less get on a plane and travel across the country. I was 32 the first time I sat in a restaurant alone; it was breakfast at a convention, and I had a cheese omelet. This may seem unrelated, but I'm shocked every time I walk into a dealership and leave with a new car. I can just do that?! It seems so adult, so beyond me. And when riding down the highway in that car, I still have the same fear of merging I had at fifteen.

Not my kids, though. Georgia simply announced that she was going to visit her friend Liz in Boston for four days and that I was taking her to the airport, merge or not.

And Sadie leaves for Costa Rica next month?

These apples are falling far, far away.


ga said...

If it makes you feel any better, I AM worried about taking a cab by myself to the airport tomorrow. Those people are creepy sometimes! Are you picking me up? Oh, and a T driver yelled at me today :-(

Tania Rochelle said...

Why did he yell at you?

mamoo said...

probably because he knows you didn't return your mamoo's phone call.

ga said...

I don't know why, they all yell at me. I think they can tell I'm an outsider... Mamoo, I'll call you from the house tonight, I promise!

abby said...

Georgia, just smile and nod ... the people up here have no idea how to react to that. Trust me. And on your way to the airport talk about how 'hot' it is with the cab driver. It will be quick and painless.

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