You Can Pick Your Friends, And You Can Pick Your Nose...

Maybe you should pick your friends' noses.

According to this Newsweek article, your fat friends could be making you fat. Do you think ugly is contageous too? How about smart and funny?

Next thing you know, they'll do a study of people in retirement homes and conclude that hanging out with old people makes you age.


biggy said...

This would explain why all my friends are incredibly smart and intelligent.

Tania Rochelle said...

and yet they all have normal-sized foreheads.

biggy said...

Enjoy buying your own lunch.

mamoo said...

you two feed off each other beautifully.

Collin said...

That's a load of horse hockey. I don't have any fat friends and yet I'm still plump. Oh, wait, I forgot about my friend the hamburger, peanut butter and chocolate. How could I forget those guys.

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