Today at Work


mamoo said...

looks like she needs a manicure and a pedicure

and is ga home?

biggy said...

Have you run out of ideas to blog about?

Tania Rochelle said...

Did you read my blog yesterday, Biggy? I can't exhaust myself every day.

Rupert said...

fay wray story (true too)

about 5 years ago I was in that used bookstore in Va-Hilan, and my friend, Russ, who worked there picked up the phone - it was his girlfriend who did elderly women's hair at the Ritz-carlton Beauty shop - she was perplexed because everybody was making a big deal out of this old lady who was getting her hair done, and when she asked why, they said, "It's Fay Wray!" So she whipped out her cell and called Russ at the bookstore, "Um, who's Fay Wray?"
My thought was that his girlfriend HAD to be hot to ask such a thing . . .

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