Movin' On Up

JackMan--on tenor drums this year.


Kathy said...

Jack - I just called your Mom to tell her how grown up and handsome you are since I didn't want to write something that would embarrass you (that's your Mom's job). Of course, she told me to post it anyway. Hope you're not embarassed. Have fun with band.

Collin said...

Wow, I hardly recognized him. I'm sure the girls (and maybe a few guys...hey, I'm equal opportunity) will be chasing him this school year.

Anonymous said...

Looking handsome as ever!!! Jack is the only guy in band the girls are tripping over. That is one thing i am sure of. You make me proud!!!!

ga said...

haha I can't believe those boys let you take their picture.

Tania Rochelle said...

As if! Greg took it somehow.

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