Biggy's Iron Fist

So yesterday evening, as I was in my room, gathering up my guitar and music to head to my lessons, I could hear this exchange going on down in the kitchen:

Lo: Dad, PLEASE!!! Take me to the sports store.

Biggy: Lola, you don't need a mouthguard. If you play softball, I'll get you one.

Lo: I'm not playing softball this year.

Biggy: Well, there you go. Like I said, you don't need a mouthguard. I need to go to Target; let's go there.

Lo: I don't want to go to Target. I NEED a mouthguard.

(When I was halfway out the front door, sneaking out so's not to get dragged into it, I heard)
Biggy: For the last time, I'm not getting you a mouth guard.

When I got home, Lo was already in bed, waiting for her kiss goodnight.


biggy said...

Sometimes resistance is futile.

Collin said...

Why exactly did she need a mouthguard?

Kathy said...

I don't think need has anything to do with it. It's good to be Lola. How could you say no?

Jennifer said...

That's kind of how you got Fay too! I wish Biggy were my dad. I found some shoes I really like, only $350. How about it, Bigs?

biggy said...

Exactly J. How quickly T forgets. Regarding the shoes, I'm way too cheap to spend that much on shoes. I would maybe spring for something from Payless.

Tania Rochelle said...

...and then you'd make her pay you back out of her allowance.

Tracie said...

Maybe she grinds her teeth at night and just didn't want to tell you about her TMJ.

It's legitimate.

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