Friday Nostalgia

Back in '75, this page of the Sears catalog kept me and my 12 year-old-buddies fascinated for days. I don't remember how we found out about it--if one of us noticed it while perusing the men's underwear section, or if we overheard our parents talking, but we sure spent a lot of time trying to determine if it truly was what it appeared to be.


ads. said...

This is great! I remember this going thru our school like wildfire. WE had to rush home and see if it was true (or real)...probably the only time I remember looking at the MENS underwear as a kid. Every once in awhile, when we get a catalog, I've wondered about "ol'602"....not if he got any more "business" (as I once thought),but if it ruined his career.
I never knew he had a song, either.

Jennifer said...

Why isn't anyone peeing here?

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