Friday Nostalgia

I used to set my alarm on Saturday mornings.


ktothefe said...

aaahhh.... I can still taste the milk-soaked lucky charm marshmallows!

ads. said...

T, I'm starting to worry about you...

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

PeeWee was one of the gods of my youth (along with Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Fritz Freiling). I can say with 100% confidence I wouldn't be a designer if it weren't for these twisted bastards.

How trippy is it that Cowboy Curtis later became Morpheus?

"Neo... Com' o'down fer some caaaartoons!"

Tracie said...

Nobody ever gave Chairy props for singing the WHOLE entire theme song BY HERSELF. She's a freakin floetress!

Go Chairy, Go Chairy!

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