What Boys Dream About

Yesterday, I had to take Lo and her friend A to Party City in order to end the week-long campaign to buy her some hairspraypaint. I squeezed the errand in between having my emissions tested, picking Jack up from drumline practice, and getting myself to workso that I could legitimately demand the child hurry up. Otherwise, she'd have spent 45 minutes in the Mardi Gras aisle before moving on to Luaus.

Back in the car, we were sitting at the red light across from where yet another strip mall is being constructed, when this exchange took place:

JackMan: I can't wait till that Target is finished.

TR: Me too.

JackMan: By then, I'll probably have my license.

TR: That's what you're looking forward to doing when you get your driver's license--going to the new Target?

JackMan: It's a Super Target.


Collin said...

Target is the shizzle, Tarizzle.

Tania Rochelle said...

Jack's loved Target ever since I bought his blue Barney snow boots there when he was 3.

Rupert said...

hmmm, was that the same Target shopping trip that you bought your
black corduroy Betsey Johnson corset top, with puff sleeves?
*rim shot*


Why do you have an ad for an enema recipe on your blog? Did I miss a crucial post or something?

biggy said...

He is his mother's son.

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