Michael Vick

Maybe the thing I can't stand most in the world is when people are sorry as a last resort--when they do what they do, and lie and lie, and then do it some more--when they admit their misdeeds, confess to their crimes, only when there's no way out, when they've been caught and can't escape.

That's not sorry. It's damage control. Add a little Jesus for good measure.

Michael Vick says he was "immature." He "used poor judgment." Well, TP'ing your neighbor's house is "immature." Getting a blowjob from your secretary is "poor judgment" (unless you're married, in which case it's adultery).

Stronger words are in order here: criminal, sadistic, corrupt, monstrous, despicable.

Those are just a start.

Click here to see Michael Vick's definition of "immature." Warning: extremely graphic.


mamoo said...

oh, my god. this really hits you in the face.

he deserves life!

jessica said...

When I heard about the dog fighting I couldn't help but think what has he done that we'll never hear about that's also been "immature" or "poor judgment?"

Athletes and soldiers are becoming closer in the horrific torture and crimes they commit and further from what they are meant to truly represent. What can be do as a society to change this? Is it an epidemic?

Kathy said...

I had a different take on this - especially after seeing Vick's statement then Gonzalez/Bush statements re Gonzalez's resignation. At least he expressed remorse and accepted responsibility with not a hint of football star swagger & cockiness (even if only because he got caught at this point). Dogfighting is a really sick thing and it sounds like he'll have plenty of time to think about it in jail, as well as the many millions of dollars he'll loose as a result.

I wish as much media attention was given to the fighting in Irag - 500 killed in bombings last week, the tens of thousands of refugees receiving little or no assistance, the 60 Iraquis killed every day and the deaths of US soldiers. This should lead the news - not Michael Vick.

Tracie said...

Poor puppies. I just don't understand how people can raise dogs and then be able to turn around and watch them get mauled to death. Ugh.

I already thought every black dude with a pit bull was extra "hood," now it'll be a stereotype. Guaranteed.

Thanks Vick.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well Kathy, in my experience (and you know I've had a lot), the biggest liars are also the ones capable of appearing the most remorseful when they're caught.

And the sorrier he looks, the more likely he is to hang on to some of those millions.

As for the news, I agree.

biggy said...

T, perhaps you can find a less disturbing picture. That really is horrific.

Tania Rochelle said...

Biggy, I thought long and hard about that. I really hated subjecting everyone to it.

But I thought that the pic, coupled with Vick's rating of his actions as "immature," made a point that couldn't be made without the image.

Howard said...

"Hey, we're going to hell! Everyone hop in this handbasket!"

We're in a moral nosedive I'm afraid. It is a shame when people only admit wrong and say they're sorry when they're finally stuffed? You're totally right. Vick's not sorry, he's just sorry he got caught.

biggy said...

ok, I'll find Jesus if you take that pic down.

Tania Rochelle said...

How 'bout I take it down if you let me tell that other story...

ads. said...

Tania- the picture NEEDS to be that stark.
This is one of the reasons I will not watch pro sports.
Athletes/celebs using status/money to weasel their way out of everything from drug use to dog fighting to rape. They seem to think they are above the law because they are in demand by the public. I refuse to be part of that demand.

SORRY has been cheapened so much, it's practically worthless.

Jessica-I don't think you can equate soldiers, who may have done the deeds(which is bad enough), with these people (celebs). Not as much as their superior officers. They're the ones who knew about such horrible events, ignored them, oversaw them, approved of them, or may have even ordered them....and they get NOTHING done to them. Oh, except maybe- I'm sorry, it won't happen again!

It all comes down to- you get as much justice as you can afford. Vick will probably land on his feet.

Collin said...

I just can't understand how someone earning millions of dollars would even bother with something like this. The only thing to explain it is a sadistic mind and that "thug" element of his life he couldn't leave behind.

chrissy said...

The word "immature" jumped out immediately when I heard it on the news. I was hoping someone would point it out.

I couldn't look at the pic. I can't stand to see dogs that have been abused.

Anne-Davnes said...

If he was heartless enough to be so cruel in the first place, then he's got no heart to feel real remorse.

I cannot imagine being that cruel to animals.

Ty said...

That pic is really distrubing. The entire thing sickens me to my core. But, I have to agree with ads. Vick is so going to land on his feet, because we've already made him a God and Gods should be infallible.

Ty said...

That pic is really distrubing. The entire thing sickens me to my core. But, I have to agree with ads. Vick is so going to land on his feet, because we've already made him a God and Gods are infallible.

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