Phone Call From A Little Old Lady

Phone call from JackMan around noon:

JackMan: Hey Mom, who’s taking me to practice today?

TR: I am. What time do you need to be there?

JackMan: 6:00. You’re not going to bring Fay are you?

TR: I’m not even going to answer that.

JackMan: You know, I’m still at Tyler’s and I don’t have a way to get home. I can take a shower over here, though.

TR: So I just need to bring your drumsticks?

JackMan: Both bags of sticks. And a change of clothes.


JackMan: Bring a white T-shirt. Yeah, bring my YES t-shirt, the one with the tie-dyed YES on it.

TR: Why does it have to be white?

JackMan: Because it reflects sunlight. And grab a pair of my Docker’s shorts, but check to be sure they have a button. Don’t bring the ones without a button. And don’t forget socks and my running shoes. Sunscreen...bugspray...Band-Aids...

TR: All right, all right!

JackMan: I’ll call you again in a little while to remind you.

***Follow-up call, 4:58 pm:

TR: (answering cell phone) Yes, Jack?

JackMan: Are you on your way home?

TR: I'm turning into the neighborhood now.

JackMan: I need to be there a little early, since it takes a while to put the drumstick bags on.

TR: OK, I was just going to grab your stuff and come on over.

JackMan: Do you remember what to bring?

TR: Of course.

JackMan: What?

TR: What do you mean, What?

JackMan: Tell me what you're supposed to bring.

TR: You seriously want me to list it for you?

JackMan: Yup.

TR: Both bags of sticks, YES t-shirt, shorts with button, socks, shoes, sunscreen, bugspray--

JackMan: That's good.

TR: Band-Aids, Gold Bond powder, Geritol--

JackMan: Mom!

TR: moth balls, hair pins, Dentu-Creme...



Collin said...

Jack is so needy lately. No more "Poor Jack" sympathy from me.

Tania Rochelle said...

Yeah. No one even suggested I write more about Poor Jack.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!!

Kathy said...

I'd like to see note from Jack confirming that you packed all items on his list.

Tania Rochelle said...

Oh, they ended up cancelling practice due to the 115-degree heat index.

Jennifer said...

If you'd added jock itch cream to the list, you would have had me.

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