Oh Yeah, It Was Also Jack's First Day of School

This morning:

Georgia: Who's Jack's homeroom teacher?

TR: Um...I dunno.

George: If you were involved in his school work, you'd know these things.

TR: Who do you think printed out the Sparknotes this weekend for his summer reading?


biggy said...

How would you know his homeroom teacher before the first day of school? He's in highschool Gaga, meet-n-greet days are over.

Collin said...

Mmmmm...burgers and pizza were the only thing eatable in my cafeteria.

Kathy said...

Where's the picture of you and Fay walking Jack to the bus stop?

Collin said...

Wow, I just realized I said eatable instead of edible. Well, it was just past 4:20 when I posted. ;-)

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