A Typical Conversation with my Husband

This morning, on his way to work, Biggy called to make sure I'd put Lo's homework in her bookbag. Then the conversation drifted to other mundane topics:

Biggy: Did you know your mom had to buy three window units because her central air is broken?

TR: Yeah, it's gonna cost around $4000 to replace it, so she's waiting until next year. Can you believe PeeWee's Playhouse was 20 years ago?

Biggy: Weird....NO, I'M NOT LETTING YOU IN, MUTHAFUKKA. Sonofabitch!!!! I HATE taxis.

TR: Yup, 1986...

Biggy: OH, NO YOU DIDN'T, DICKMEAT. UUUUGH!!!! That taxi just cut me off. One day, I'm going to get a big-ass piece o' shit truck, strap bumpers all around it, and just start going to town. Ooooh, I'm sorry, Officer, but he cut me off, and I couldn't stop...

TR: I think you need to join a support group.

Biggy: This Dave Matthews cd is awesome, listen. (Turns it up. He knows I can't stand Dave Matthews.)

TR: I've gotta go see what the dogs are barking at.


TR: Bye.


biggy said...

seriously though, taxi drivers are the worst. One of the many reasons why I can't live in NYC.

ads. said...

Everyone should have a big-ass piece o'shit truck for just such an occasion....."ROAD RAGE RENTALS!"

Jennifer said...

Biggy, I'm worried about your road rage soundtrack. A phat, young homie like yourself should be listening to gangsta rap and hip hop beats while you cruise around in your hooptie.

biggy said...

well J, I do have that genre at my disposal in the hooptie, but at that particular road rage moment, which was unexpected, I was listening to the new DMB live cd, which I highly recommend.

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