Dear Anne, I Beg to Differ

This morning, I was looking at Anne's blog, which was prompted by her students' current interest in all things 80's, and I felt bad for her. She hated the 80's. But had she been just a sweet few years older, past the acne and of legal drinking age, (which was 18 at the time), she might feel differently about it. So, Dear Students, don't let Ms. Elser color your nostalgic notions. The 80's were as much fun as you imagine--wild, colorful, and ridiculous. Girls really did just wanna have fun. *And Anne, before you turn 40, ya better learn how to spell it.

A peek into my college photo album:


Jessica said...

Oh. My. God. And by the way, the whole 80's thing is ironic, perhaps that is a given. But the 80's are out. If you go to the Drunken Unicorn you will see it is all about the 1993 now.

Collin said...

You were definitely working it, girlfriend. lol

ads. said...

Each decade has its own crap to endure (HELL! I survived freakin' 70's DISCO), as well as the good things !
T- I have to agree with Collin.....yowza!

Rupert said...

you look kinda like Lady Di in that last one . . . but what's w the linebacker shoulder pads?

Tania Rochelle said...

Rupert, you're looking at a black corduroy Betsey Johnson corset top, with puff sleeves. It was awesome.

Collin said...

T, did you ever see that classic 80s film Modern Girls with Virginia Madsen and Daphne Zuniga? That's what you and your friends are kinda reminding me of now that I look closely.

Anne-Davnes said...

spell what?

And you're lookin' mightee hot, Tania.
I'll say the late eighties were grand for me. Had you let me tag along with your and your cool friends, I might have had a better time.

Maybe? Like maybe?

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