A Gift To Me

Tonight, Biggy and I were driving aimlessly, trying to decide which gastrointestinal distress we'd rather deal with--Moe's or Ted's, when I thought I'd run an idea by him:

TR: I was thinking about emailing Mr. Jackson at the middle school and asking if he has any students who'd like to be in band but can't afford an instrument. We could donate JackMan's starter drums and bells. Whaddaya think?

Biggy: What?! Charity begins at home, Sweetheart. I'm gonna put those suckers on Craigslist.

TR: I think we were asking $75 at the garage sale. We paid over $500 for them. We might as well give them away.

Biggy: The only way I'd donate something like that is if they put up a plaque in my honor. Or named a wing of the school after me.


Collin said...

Biggy is the Mother Teresa of Marietta.

Tania Rochelle said...



A completely selfless man, your husband.

Rupert said...

how about for a poor Eithiopian taxi-driver's son? I'll ask around here in Clarkston . . .

Jennifer said...

I bet Biggy was one of those guys who did a bunch of acid and went to watch the Special Olympics.

Dustin said...


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